Regionals 2013 - LBT #comeback

LBT CrossFit Central: South Central Regionals from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

I had to hear myself say it to believe it - "I am not coming back - I am back as much as I am gonna be - so LET'S GO!"  And that is exactly what I did this past weekend at the 2013 South Central Regional competition.  I knew I was fit - but I also knew I had only been training since February - a measly 4 months for a "prime time" level competition.  I set my goals high and got ready to step onto the "court" for the first time in a year and a half (Fittest Games, Jan 2012)!!!!

I can truly say I had a blast and have the fire in my belly more now than ever before.  I am 8 months postpartum - 35 yrs old - 3x CrossFit Games veteran - and in many ways just getting started - just now learning who I am as an athlete and a competitor!  This weekend I learned to FIGHT!  I do not think I've ever pushed myself as hard as I did last weekend  - in fact, this may be the first competition that Jeremy didn't say "you didn't look like you were even working"

My ultimate goal was a golden ticket to Cali but I also wanted to 1) do my absolute best  2) inspire just one person to compete or believe in themselves 3) prove to myself that I still "have it" - whatever that means!!
Operation #comeback = SUCCESS!  I finished 12th overall which was enough to keep me in the final heat of women all weekend and I can honestly say I left it all out on the "field". 
Now.....get my core back and keep on fighting!  I can't wait to see you all at 2014 South Central Regionals.

Thank you to the behind the scenes crew - Erin Hood & Susan Bender
Thank you to the ladies on in the heat of it all and by my side - Chelsea Ross & Ingrid Kantola
Thank you to everyone who sent an email, FB message, text or sat in the stand to CHEER! 
Thank you to the following for all you do.....