In My Face...

The CrossFit Central Leadership team recently committed to a 12 week Leadership mentor course. Last week we dove into the book Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath to find out what we were really GREAT at! Sounds simple, but as a lot of you will agree, we spend 80% of our time focusing on our (and other's) weaknesses. The idea of focusing on our teams' strengths was not only refreshing but overdue!

So, what am I?

  • Focused

  • Disciplined

  • Deliberative -- "fairly serious" "private person"

  • Restorative -- "identify what's wrong and solve it"

  • Harmony -- "don't like conflict" - this may show up as B.S.ers as talking about serious matters might uncover an area of disagreement

So, what I've learned this might look like to you?

  • Cold

  • Scary

  • Unapproachable

  • Intimidating

  • Put together/Perfectionistic

  • Unrelatable (is that a word?!)

  • Emotionless

In the course of the week, I had 3 people "coach" me about being more sensitive - showing my faults. "Bringing out the Charmin every once in a while!" In order to be the best person, leader, wife, sister, friend, coach possible I need to crack my shell. Show some emotion in my face, actions, words.

I realized that I am so focused and deliberate that I shut off the "human" and sometimes just see the goal in sight or the mission at hand. My promise to you is that you'll see me celebrate, you'll see me cry, I'll show you all more of ME and I want to learn more about YOU.

Hope we're all ready for this one.