Hood To Coast

I got back from Hood to Coast just over a week and a half ago - since then I've looked at this post several times trying to figure out what to say - how to convey the experience - what great things to tell you, etc. The bottom line, is that it was one of the best trips I've ever taken - it was physically easier than I expected, yet far more rewarding. The best things on this trip were the 11 inspiring women on my team and the 1.5 hours of sleep I got in a cold, wet grassy field with a full moon and more stars than I've ever seen in TX, shining on me.

We started on Mt. Hood - beautiful and a cold 39 degrees! Our team of 12 rode the 197 miles in two of these 'fancy' vans - while one runner was on the course at all times! I ran 17.88 miles - a lot of it on HILLS - it was amazing! We were the TX gals for sure - TX flag at every transition - Longhorn glasses - etc.

I still kinda feel like a traitor wearing or supporting the TX (or Longhorn) garb. Does 7 yrs here make me official? We finished on the beach at Seaside, OR. Notice the clothing - this wasn't a TX beach in August, that is for sure!

Many of the team members are already making plans for the 2011 trip!