2010 CrossFit Games

I can't believe that it's already been 1 week since the CrossFit Games. It's crazy how much 'space' preparing for a single event can take up in your life and then how quickly it passes. Many of us at CrossFit Central (and at CrossFit gyms around the world) have been training - getting bigger, faster, stronger, better - for 6 months. It's been quite a journey - filled with successes and setbacks - new friendships formed and relationships tested. This is my 3rd CrossFit Games experience and this year was by far the best.

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Why this year was so great?

  • This year I felt more prepared for the level of intensity and competitive atmosphere than ever. When I went in 2008 as an individual I was CLUELESS to so many things...including some of the now standard movements like chest to bar pull ups and 185lb deadlifts.

  • I loved being a part of a team for the 2010 competition. I train with most of my teammates all year round. However, there is something about the heat of the battle that brings people together. I really had FUN.

  • The live feed was AWESOME - both my parents and my sister got to see me and many of the individuals (Carey Kepler, Lindsay Smith) complete. Finally, they understood how squats and pull-ups can be a sport. They saw us compete and 'got it'.

  • The WODs weren't announced ahead of time = No wasted nervousness!! If I know the WOD I get nervous - fret about it then just go DO IT! If I don't know the WOD, I just go DO IT and skip all the worry and doubt.

  • On a more personal note, this year was the best CrossFit Games experience for me with my husband! In the past, the CrossFit Games journey has been a bit of a rocky road for me and Jeremy. Previously, we haven't been on the same page with our training goals, the importance of the event, the sacrifices taken during training months, etc. While, I would have like for him to be competing with me this year - this time it was smooth sailing rather than a rocky road!

What will make next year even better?

  • I will be an individual competitor next year! I one move away from it this year (#&*@ HSPU) and will be smarter and more deliberate in my training for 2011. The regional competition will be tough as we will have 6 girls who have already gone to the CrossFit Games as individuals fighting for a spot along with me! I believe....nuff said!

  • I would like to see 'something' different for the venue next year. I am one of those who missed the underground appeal that Aromas had - I see both sides of the coin. But I agree that the only thing that felt right about the concrete jungle aka the Home Depot Center was the dirt field were we set up "Tent City".

  • I will compete alongside of many other CrossFit Central athletes. Jen CJess, Lindsay - Jeremy and Carey since they won't retire just yet - and any of the many talented athletes we have as a part of our gym....Chardonnay, Crystal N. , Travis, Alex, etc....

To the right is probably my favorite photo from the weekend. This was WOD 5 of the Games and the most fun I've had in a long time.
The final WOD was an obstacle course including rope climbs, sandbag carries, scaling a 7' wall, more sandbag carries, muscle ups, more sandbag carries, wall ball, finally scaling the wall you see in the photo.
I loved this WOD because we got to do things I'd never done before. Major props to Crystal Nelson who rocked this wall - and a 30' rope climb - and scaling another wall despite her fear of heights! 

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Thank you - Andy - Web - Travis -Crystal and Alex for letting me be on your team!

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