Just Because You Can...

…doesn't mean you SHOULD!

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That might be what you're saying about our outfits for the Ultra Palooza Exercising For Time Fest pictured above :) and I might agree!  Still not sure if I am #proud or #ashamed…

I am 31 weeks pregnant (do the math almost 8 months) or as I prefer to say now, I have about 10 weeks LEFT!! Every week/month I expect the floor to drop out from under me - I keep waiting for the aches and pains - the swelling and cravings.  Instead what I've found is that I continue to feel great.  Now, don't get me wrong - great is relative!  Great still means it's hard to roll over, get up and down from the ground, pick things up, or do as much as I use to!  

Honestly, the HARDEST thing about this pregnancy is getting adjusted to how much rest and recovery I need.  I am at a place where about 1/4 of what I use to do is my daily limit.  Not just workouts - but general activity.  A trip to the grocery store on Sunday felt like a marathon and required a nap afterward!

Recently the TRIUNE published an article on CrossFit and pregnancy - the CrossFit Journal also has a great piece on the subject - and these days it's not a novelty to see pregnant women working out and staying fit!  However, there is still much debate about what is "ok" and what is "too much".

DISCLAIMER:  this is my personal/professional opinion but I am not a MD or PT or OBYN, etc, etc.  

If you can't breathe - your baby's O2 supply is down too!
If you're tired why use your body's energy for your WOD rather than growing your baby?
My midwife put it this way - when the baby  is born you'll say a million times "I'll do ANYTHING for this kid" but NOW is the time that anything you do IS for the baby!  Eat right - rest - let your "chi" go to the baby - workout but LISTEN to your body (and your baby).

My opinion - Just because you CAN  - Doesn't mean you SHOULD!  
"Heavy" is relative - "Fast" is relative - "A lot" is relative - so do what feels good and what you've been doing before your pregnancy.  BUT it doesn't make you "more CrossFit" or "Hardcore" to ramp up intensity, test your limits on metcons, squats, or presses!  Does it pull, hurt, tweak, or leave you exhausted two days later?? DON'T DO IT!  Does it make you feel invigorated, more alive, keep you strong and fit? DO IT.

Today's:  Strictly Strength WOD
10x2 Box Squats coupled with DB presses, finished off with "Grace".
could have done 155# box squat and 95# "Grace" but I would feel my pelvis shift on the box squats and my abs don't feel stable with too much weight overhead.  So, I take a spoonful of my own advice (though it's not easy) Just because I could/can - Doesn't mean I should! What do I have to prove at this point? 

10x2 Box Squats @ 135# and 30# presses
"Hanging Grace"  aka Grace with Hang Power Clean instead of from the ground with 85lbs.
For some folks that would be "too heavy" but for me it's light and feels great!
No tweaks, no pulls, no twinges! 

Be smart - respect your body - enjoy the process!