(Baby) BUMP in the Road to The Games 2012

As many of you know, 80% or more of my mental and physical focus right now has been on The 2012 CrossFit Games!The last two months I've competed in local competitions - ramped up my training both in volume and intention. My vision boards were complete but MY plan was not the ULTIMATE plan.

There are bumps in the road to any goal. I was sick much of December and hit training hard January/February. I felt tired - hungry - "off" - I spent two months changing supplements, drinking more water, sleeping more to "catch up". Beating myself up on a regular basis for not being able to push thru.....I started reviewing last year's training logs and much to my pleasure I found that last Jan/Feb I was also tired - beat up from the increased training volume but started feeling much better in March, etc. I anticipated the same this year and chalked up several ODDITIES to "indigestion and training volume".
However, after two weeks of unbearable fatigue and nausea it all became clear - the bump in this road was a Baby Bump.

Hindsight is 20/20 and ALL of the symptoms were there. It's amazing how well you can know your body and yet not know it at all. I found out last week that I am 12 weeks pregnant - almost thru the dreaded 1st trimester.

I will admit I questioned God's timing (one week before the Open....months before the CrossFit Games) but I am 100% certain that the payoff will be greater than I have ever known.

This season I will be on the sidelines cheering for Jeremy - Candice - Whitney - Ingrid - team CrossFit Central and learning skills completely outside of the CrossFit realm.

Life doesn't always go the way you plan....and it's usually better that way! 

I am blessed with the best husband ever - the most supportive family - and great things ahead.