What makes a Champion

What’s the difference between a Winner and a Champion? (by Bruno Coelho)


A winner is focused on winning with little regard to anything else (the process, the team). Winning = he's a winner.  Losing = he's a loser. Winners attaches who he is to what they achieve -  so winning is the outcome he seeks. For a Champion there’s a WHOLE World of things that matter besides winning. The desire may still be to win, but he doesn’t attach his self-worth to the outcomeBecoming the master of his full potential is the outcome most important. Winning is the result of that outcome. A Winner will stop at nothing to succeed (WIN) and sees shame in defeat. A Champion knows that integrity is more important than a "win" because integrity is the foundation for legacy! A Champion sees defeat  as a chance to learn, to grow and evolve beyond what he already knew. A Champion honors his legacy with every action, with every effort and with every breath. A Champion can lose a battle without losing his honor. A Champion sees no opponent but himself. He understands that the only person that can prevent him from using all his potential is himself. The real competition is within.

A Winner only plays to win.

 A Champion plays to send a message.

I pray everyday that I will cultivate the CHAMPION within my son.  To focus on the importance of integrity - progress - celebration of the small steps.  

I personally strive not to win but to be a Champion in all I do… I said strive… :)