#LETSGO 2014


Goals - Mantras - Vision Boards - Scribbles on my mirror?  YES  - all of it a lot!  It's the little things that you fill your brain with that make you who you are today, right now.

Each year I've shared a Mantra with y'all. The last 3 years my Mantras have come easily - they were powerful and fitting from the start.  This year, I struggled a bit to come up with something that motivated me - was an instant "state changer" when I said it - and that fit things happening in my life.

I have two or three pages of notes and ideas that I planned to turn into my 2014 Mantra but none really stuck and I kept saying #letsgo - let's go - let's go - let's go!!!!!  This seem to fit for family - training - personal - professional - EVERYTHING!

I am a "here and now" kind of person.  While I have goals and "things" I strive for (and yes, I am a planner)...but I am not blessed with the gift of VISION or FUTURIST like my sister in law, Carey or my husband, Jeremy.  They are two people who seem to "see the future"- they understand the big picture - the where we're going and why - the possibility of actions today.  I, on the other hand, cannot SEE those things

I simply BELIEVE in them. 
I believe I will be successful
I believe in the people around me
I believe in a forever marriage
I believe in happiness
I believe in God
I believe in anything is possible

I may not know what success or happiness IS - I do not know the struggle and triumph that comes with a forever marriage - I do not know how to do the impossible (ie: conquer bulimia, have a child!)

But I do now ACTION KILLS FEAR and that you can't move forward without taking a step - even if that's a baby step!  So  - #LETSGO

#LETSGO - reminds me of The Slight Edge - that everything counts - all the little things make the big things happen.  No matter what, when, where, why #letsgo - do whatever the next step is for you!

Happy 2014 - May big things happen for you all!