Hello - Is Anyone Out There?



I have spent the last hour googling the gals from this year's Fittest Games comp - then I digressed and googled myself :)  Come on - I know you've done it - Right??

Well, this blog was the first thing that popped up - I clicked the link and WHAT??!!! I haven't blogged in 16 weeks and 3 days - yes, I know the exact date b/c my last entry was 3 days before Jacob was born!  Have you seen him?? He's FREAKIN' CUTE!!!  Ok - I am digressing again.....
Since his birth I've "been meaning to blog" - but adjusting to parenting a new baby meant some things had to go (computer time was one of them)!  
Now I sit here wondering - where do I start and is anyone out there??  

I have written a few blogs over the past 4 months - written them in my head as I am recovering in bed/on the couch -  pushing my baby around the block - rocking him to sleep, etc - BUT none of them made it to this page due to "logistics"

There is no way to catch up so here are the cliff notes on my top 10 post JBT (Jacob Bender Thiel)  "blogs":

Labor Day:

Yes, I did it at home.  It was longer than expected but nothing I couldn't handle and despite the effort I put into remembering every moment - I've already forgotten most of it (nature's plan!!)  CrossFit and competition DEFINITELY helped me physically but more mentally - just one more rep = just one contraction at a time!  I had vision boards, mantras, plans, visualizations , etc but the bottom line is your body does what it does and you have no control of anything except how you react to it all.....If you really want the details, ask me - I am happy to share OR ask Jeremy.  He was present - actively involved and AWESOME the entire 21 hours!  I may have forgotten a lot but I vividly remember Jeremy's laugh when he "caught" our baby and put him on my chest!

I Quit!

Remember that show on MTV - You think you know but you have no idea - ?? Well that was the first 4-6 weeks - I look forward to enjoying this time with kiddo #2 and so on - for kiddo #1 I couldn’t see what weeks 10+ looked like and I thought I would forever be tied to a chair to rock and nurse.  The best piece of advice I got was from my sister-in-laws, Kelly and Ashley, via my mother-in-law.... THIS TOO SHALL PASS.... it's been my motto ever since with both good and bad - everything is passing and it's such a SHORT period of time in the grand scheme of things!

Things I can do with 1 hand:

Well  A LOT but working on the computer is not one of them....hence no blog and minimal social media posts....

How are things different?

Again I say "you think you know but you have no idea" - I've been asked this question a few times - but a better question is "what is the same" = NOTHING is the SAME - EVERYTHING is DIFFERENT.  As soon as you can accept that and live - life becomes more amazing than it's ever been!  Jacob is THE cutest ever and I'd do ANYTHING for him - but I will be the first to tell you about the "reality" of it all and that this "bundle of joy" comes with a lot of bumps in the road!

Body Image  - 10 days vs 10 weeks

&%^#$ Curse the Victoria Secret model and all celebrities that make you think 3 months later you'll be you again.... Somewhere deep inside I thought "make it 9 months" but the truth is you're pregnant 9 months then you need many months to recover...I felt I looked GREAT 10 days after Jacob's birth - I was 8 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and only 5% higher body fat.....well that was EXACTLY the same 10 weeks after his birth...Reality Check = CHILL THE F#*# OUT!!  Progress pics to come.....

Coming back to CrossFit

See above - so much of my head thought "make it thru the pregnancy and then..." and then what??? And then "stay down" for 2 weeks - and then totally recover for another 6 weeks - and then come back SLOWLY-  as in you can't do 10 push ups - pull ups are the hardest thing ever, hollow body is a foreign position...."There is no crying in CrossFit" - until you have a baby :)  It's all coming back and in a lot of ways it's like I stepped back in time.  My skills are suddenly those of my 2010 CrossFit body - I know it won't take 2 yrs to get them back but #patienceISaVirtue

Why does everyone talk about SLEEP schedules?

How is he sleeping?  URGGGG if I had a dollar for every time that was asked from freakin' day 2 of his birth!  I don't/didn't sleep train him and at 16 weeks he is on a schedule - one he created.   I get that everyone does it differently BUT a couple things I do know - I now know why the "powers that be" use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.....I now know that I will probably NEVER sleep the same again....I now know that if you don't have kids - GO NAP!!!!!! just b/c you can :)

Baby Pics and Social Media

So before I had "Baby J" as he might be called until he's 16yrs old :)  I wondered why people posted so many pics of their kiddos on Twitter/FB/Instagram, etc.  I mean - do you want people to know where your kid is or what they are doing all the time??? Scary right?  Well now I get it.....kiddo's become ALL (or almost all) you do, see, experience - AND your kiddo is suddenly the CUTEST thing ever - eating, sleeping, moving whatever they do - it's the best thing in your day......and sometimes it's the ONLY thing in your day......I've tried not to overload my FB and Instagram with Baby J but he IS pretty awesome  - especially when he's chilling with my other favorite JBT - his dad!

3PR....What is that?

I am blessed to be around supportive women - women who have had babies at home - who have been in shape and fought to get back - women who KNOW what this whole thing is about :)  One of those women is, Carey Kepler, one of my best friends who happens to be my sister-in-law!  One day in passing she said "welcome back - everyday is a PR".  She herself has recently taken on this philosophy as she's coming back from abdominal surgery and a "shoulder thing" from the Games 2012.....Basically, start anew and move forward - rather than looking at where I was a year ago.  So, what is a 3PR?? Post.Pregnancy.Personal.Record.....this approach has helped me appreciate what my body has done over the past 12 months and what's starting to do again in the gym!  

Ok - that's my top 9 blogs not 10....more to come and soon!!  

Is ANYONE out  there?