Another Year to "Play" - South Central Regionals 2013

handstand ccdt.jpg

After Jacob was born end of September -I took a couple months off - started back slowly and thought in January I could jump back into the training program/group and start to rebuild the "me" I know. Instead I was introduced to a body that was foreign to me and a fog that wouldn't lift from my body or mind.

About 2 weeks before the Open started, we found out that due to a new rule I couldn't represent CrossFit Central as a part of the team - After a couple of weeks I fumbling around the gym and losing more and more confidence, I'd all but given up on competing in 2013. 

Then I realized I had 2 choices:

  1. Sit back and watch Regionals AGAIN

  2. Get my a$$ in shape!

I decided to get a coach and bit by bit he's helped me regain confidence and get comfortable with movements again! Each week during the Open I felt stronger and fitter but would it be enough to make the top 48?? My goal was to get to close to the 2012 Lisa - but that still puts me a year behind the rest of the pack! It's been one big experiment, I never know what I can do - I have no baseline for where I am only where I was. In many ways it feels like I've traveled back in time as my skills are similar to where they were 2 years ago. My core is weak (so gymnastics tougher) and my time is limited as my family and job take priority! I've tried to keep the "everyday is a PR" attitude and looked at the entire journey as an experiment - What can I do? How quickly can I get there? I've been a bit disappointed but overall surprised by my #comeback - I've always competed in a way that kept my performance relative to those around me - now I have no preconceived notion of where I "should" fall so I can just "do me". I look at this year and know that I will finally fulfill MY potential - it may not be the "potential" I had going into 2012 but I will fulfill Lisa Bender Thiel's 2013 potential. 

“My body is returning to the one I remember. My mind is too. I feel the fog lifting. A good thing, for sure.”

- Laurey Masterton

I wrote that just over 2 weeks ago for a post that the South Central Regionals FB crew put up and ALREADY I feel like I am in a different place.  There is nothing like the power of the mind - I have a goal - I have a timeline - I am making progress - beating even my pre-pregnancy PRs and SUPER JACKED about going to represent the Double C's at Regionals!  

My husband is ALWAYS my biggest fan - he believes in me more than anyone on the planet!  It's solely because of his encouragement and belief that I even ventured into this arena again.  AND he talked me into getting a "LBT support tee".

See ya'll in San Antonio :)  I am honored to get the chance to "play" another year.

me and jbt urban run.jpg