1 year ago in March, I started working with Coach John Del Peral. I knew in order to meet my goals I needed help. Over the past year, we've met on a weekly basis to accomplish what I thought was my attempt to get better at HSPU's and Muscle Ups. The reality is that he brought a lot more to the table. I learned without a doubt, everyone needs a coach. I also learned the importance of being coachable.

As JDP continues to help me over the next few months, here is how I will be more coachable:

  1. Take off my Body Armor aka Be Vulnerable: One definition of vulnerability is to be open to criticism.To paraphrase author Gail Sheehy, β€˜For real growth and improvement, one must shed the protective structure like a hardy crustacean and be left exposed and vulnerable.’

  2. Be Receptive: Being accessible, interested, open to new ideas, persuadable. I will be an active listener.

  3. Get off "my way or the highway...": Better said - admit I don't know everything! Let's try it a new way.

  4. Inch Forward: Often BIG rewards happen when we focus on the little gains. Skills and drills are valuable (not wasted) sessions!

  5. Take a Deep Dive Inward: What's in my head, my speech, my attitude that is keeping me from physically performing?