Fire and Ice

One foot in front of the other and sometimes you never know where the path will lead.....triathlon junkies, CrossFit OGs, nutrition crazies, Wim Hof breathing, hot/cold all lead to us to Malibu.

Last year Jeremy and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Malibu at the XPT Experience  Four days of stand up paddle, pool workouts, performance breathing ,Fire & Ice treatments, dining with amazing people beach front - all personally hosted by  Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece

Gabby and Laird opened their home and shared their lifestyle with us.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - Jeremy and I came home inspired to continue to build a life "like that" - Nutrition - Fitness - Friend/Family and play driven - sharing a lifestyle that is "not the norm" with everyone around us!   If you know Jeremy (and me too, if I am honest), you know that we are already not the norm , "crazy", "extreme" BUT this unordinary lifestyle is all focused on longevity - healing - recovery - sustainability which is a bit of a shift.....but maybe that's because we're getting older - I mean wiser!  

Exactly 1 year later we enjoy regular session much like what we experienced with Laird and Gabby (sans multimillion dollar views and homes) here in Austin.   The sessions have been intimate hosted at Jeremy's sister and husband's home.   The impact has been incredible and this weekend we host our first Fire and Ice session at CrossFit Central Downtown.   The continuation of the story - a start of a new chapter!  

Ice is SCARY to many - so why would you consider getting into an ice bath after a nice warm sauna session?

Why Fire and Ice       or    Ice Man Documentary