The Waiting Place

I am not sure why but I am fighting back tears as I think about this blog - about getting stuck in this most USELESS place.....The Waiting Place.  About 18 months ago we sold our house and moved into a rental - our goal was to be out of the rental before Lili was born......she is now 13 months old..... I realized that this house has become my Waiting Place.  

Waiting for a house to buy - or waiting for a baby to cry  

Waiting for my husband to change - or waiting to feel less strange 

Waiting for a perfect space -  or waiting for my own place

Waiting for someone else to act - or waiting to stop getting side tracked

Much like in Dr Suess's book "Oh, The Places You'll Go" I had set up camp in my Waiting Place taking no action - making no decisions - just waiting for SOMEONE else to make the change for me. - waiting for the perfect combination of "free time + belief in myself + a home of my own"

Frankly I have a hard time slowing down much less coming to a HAULT and waiting BUT that is what I found myself doing - sitting waiting for "the thing" that would change "it" all.  

Ok, so I was nursing/caring for a new born and a toddler and I give 100% respect to that effort - energy commitment - and the mind space that takes.  However, I was doing nothing - nothing- nothing that FILLED MY CUP.  

I am made to be around people.  I am called to coach - lead - teach people.  I feel more and more passionate about connecting - sharing - gathering Women!  Strong, like minded yet diverse women - women who are hungry for more, for being their best for themselves, husbands, and kids!  

I have become increasingly aware that experience - be it my own or that of the AMAZING women around me is invaluable and must be shared!  So what......

I have moved out of The Waiting Place - I realize that there is too much to gain - too much to share - too many women who are looking for community and support and HOPE and MORE! 

Last Saturday I hosted 20 women at CrossFit Central for a women's only workout and Learn and Burn!  This is just the first of many to come.  I am letting Him lead the details of how this COMMUNITY unfolds but I am excited about MOVING again!  

Join me  - us - February 4th  - 9am - Austin High Track.   Share - Join - Celebrate - Workout!  

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