1st Annual The Fittest Games 2008

Fittest Games 2008 - 1st Annual 


2008 Fittest Games Participants and Judges

I was recently sent a link to the 1st Annual Fittest Games and after some laughing and a little trip down memory lane - I started thinking about each year and how the event has TRANSFORMED over the past 10 years!  (This year the event will host over 700 athletes - 200 judges and volunteers and we anticipate 3,000 spectators. Oh and a $40k purse) Yes the event has changed ....not to mention how the transformation of the athlete pool - my body - athletic ability - and the sport itself!
Beware - this was before Lulu, Nano/Oly Shoes, "Sports Bra" only rule!
So this is where "it" all began.....the TFG event and JT and me :)

 The 2008 Fittest Games was a 3 part series.   3 weekends - one in Houston and 2 in Austin/Buda - 1 WOD each weekend (wow, how things have changed #lightload).  There was a winner for each WOD and an overall winner.  The overall winner got an expense paid trip to the 2008 CrossFit Games in Cali!! In a many ways it was a pre-cursor to today's open/regionals in TX.

The first event was in Austin at CrossFit Central's original box - approx 400 sq feet!

WOD 1:   Running Cindy - 5 pull ups - 10 push ups - 15 weighted squats - run 400m

I had barely had kipping pull ups and was jacked to do sets of  5 unbroken and well my push up was less than par (picture proves it)  I won this WOD and committed to doing the "rest of the Fittest Games" series :)   

More WOD 1 pics

wod 1 FG 2008.jpg

WOD 2:  CrossFit Total in Houston with Coach Rippetoe.  I remember sitting with Jeremy asking him how much I should try on each lift - Of course, even then his belief in my ability was greater than it sometimes "should" be  - His belief gave me the confidence needed to act like I knew what I was doing - even though I'd NEVER "maxed out" on ANYTHING - he also convinced me to try a 200lb back squat (which I failed all 3 times).  

My totals that day:  Back Squat 190lbs (currently 285lbs) - Shoulder Press 82lbs (currently 120lbs) - Deadlift 225lbs (currently 355lbs).

I didn't win this one - Grace from Atomic near Houston took the medal!

Note to self:  Nice shorts! Great form and perfect shoes for heavy days.  Who is that girl?!....Funny - this is what see in my head sometimes.....and what prompted this "Unrecognizable" post in 2011 Open


More WOD 2 pics

WOD 3:  Medball sit ups - Swings - Hill Run. 

I can't remember numbers - I just know it was a long metcon out in the country near Buda. CrossFit Central partnered with Dynamax to host this event and the winner got a medball of choice!!

More WOD 3 pics

Here I am with a very pregnant Carey, Jeremy, the trophy aka Medball, and my a TICKET my first CrossFit Games!!!  

Looking thru these pics - some things change and some things stay the same!  The clothes, sport, and my athletic ability have changed big time - BUT the group, community, and passion that Jeremy and crew put into this event were the same in 2008 as they are today.  

P.S. clicking thru the photo links is worth your time - you'll see some funny stuff - some familiar faces - a very pregnant Carey - and a lot of history.