How sturdy is your foundation?

Think of your health and wellness as a 4 legged stool. If any of the legs are missing or even different lengths then the stool loses stability...and ultimately falls.

Is your current program complete?

Join me for a challenge that will improve all 4 legs of your health/wellness stool!

1. Physical Activity

You will receive 3 at home workouts to be done each week.

These require minimal time and equipment and can be scaled for all fitness levels

2. Supplements

We will create a 4 week "reboot" bundle that fits your goals.

These supplements will fill in the gaps of your "swiss cheese" diet, help you sleep or recover better, build muscle, and/or increase energy based on your needs.

3. Nutrition & Hydration

You will receive a basic nutrition guideline and set personal nutrition goals for the next 4 weeks.

I will also hold you accountable via a weekly food log. Your hydration goal is to consume 1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day.

4. Sleep/Recovery

You will note the hours you sleep each night with a goal of 6-8 hour each day

I also recommend that you take 1 day OFF between each workout to allow your body to recover properly from exercise.