5 Secrets to Summer Swimsuit Success!

No pressure. It's just swimsuit season! You'll be ready if you do these simple things. You can feel healthy, fit and confident on the beach, at the pool or gliding on that Slip-N-Slide in the yard.

  1. Eat FOOD! Crash diets and starving yourself don’t work. Not only do they make you hungry and fatigued, but you end up losing muscle mass, making it harder to lose weight. Eat 3-6 times a day and be sure you're getting enough protein (70-100 grams a day). Protein will keep you full and help you keep the muscle as you shed the fat. I love the Zone Diet to help me stay on track..

  2. Fiber over Fluff: It’s easy to over-eat processed carbohydrates (breads, pastries, cereals, sweets). Replace these foods with those rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables. Fiber will make you feel full longer and don't have that "addictive" effect of white/processed carbs. On average we consume only 15 grams per day when we should be getting around 25-30 grams daily.

  3. Hydrate: How much? Take your body weight in pounds - divide by 2 and drink that in ounces each day. Staying hydrated will help you consume less - get healthy glowing skin - flush out toxins and help you shed fat. I suggest grabbing a large (32oz) bottle and keep it with you all day. Bonus tip: Sometimes, when you feel hungry, you are actually dehydrated. Try drinking 8 to 10 ounces of water and waiting a few minutes before you reach for a snack.

  4. Log it: There are so many apps for tracking what you eat, but I like a good ole' pen and paper approach. Stick a notebook in your purse and jot your food down as you eat rather than waiting until the end of the day. This will also help you be certain you are getting enough protein during the day. Research shows that if you log it you’re less likely to overeat.

  5. I'm just gonna SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE , Shake it off: Move your body - Find an activity you enjoy doing and stick with it. Grab a friend to make it more fun and keep you accountable. Bonus Tip: Lifting weights doesn't make you big - it makes you strong

Making these 5 simple changes can get you ready for swimsuit season!  Find a formula that works for you.  I have also created 3 programs to help maximize your efforts.  Contact me if you're interested in learning more about my Tone and Lean program.