Why everybody needs a TRIBE!

MY TRIBE....well actually only few of the strong, loving, positive women I get to "do life" with on a regular basis.  A few weeks ago I started feeling really drained - I love helping people - my mind was ready to get in the "game" (of guiding YOU to a best version of you)....but I found when I did have the time ie: kids were sleeping, I didn't have any juice left to give.  

My Tribe!

My Tribe!

I realized that I hadn't been filling my own bucket and that even the things that I do to re-charge ie: workout - were rushed and stressed  - not rewarding.  I had goals - I wasn't hitting and I realized that I needed my peeps - the people that ADD to my life just by being themselves.  I focused on reconnecting or just connecting with at least one person each day that FILLED my cup!  BAMM - after just 3 days, I was recharged - ready to GIVE and feeling refreshed.

Why does everyone NEED a Tribe?

  1. A tribe ❤️ s You. No matter what, your tribe will cheer you on. And this is exactly what you need to keep going - fill you up!

  2. A tribe’s got your back. Your tribe will come to your aid; you don’t have to fight this fight alone.

  3. A tribe makes you better. Because your tribe ❤️ s you & has your back - They can call us out, correct us, or simply tell us we could do better. And in the end, we do — because of the tribe.