3 Tips for Feeling Great over the Holidays


My tip Number 1: Sugar Support

We all know it’s going to happen. Nana's cookies are just too dang good to not have some extra sweet over this next week. How do we prevent the cycle of having a little… then having A LOT?!

An easy trick to help regulate blood sugar and insulin is actually using a spice that is probably IN Nana’s cookies: cinnamon. Cinnamon is a powerful spice that can help mitigate some of those roller coaster energy rides.

Start adding it into everything: smoothies, your Apple Cinn Spark , hot chocolate......

The best part about cinnamon is that is also adds sweetness without adding sugar, so you can cut back on your dose of honey or sweetener of choice when you add it in!

Extra Advo Tip: FibroTrim, CraveCheck, CarbEASE area also great Holiday Support Products!


My tip Number 2: Digestive Support!

I know my body reacts to certain foods and I also know I'm about to eat a lot of foods that I don't normally eat.  AdvoCare's Digest Ease and AdvoGreens are my best friends.These mitigate products help mitigate the reaction in my gut and help drastically!

Why would you need additional digestive enzymes (from digest ease)?. Because of stress and nutritional deficiencies, most of us don’t have enough, leaving food just sitting in our stomach causing bloating, burping, and in some cases, acid reflux.

Digestive enzymes are also something we naturally make, but are only truly released when we are in a calm state.

Don’t have time to order these before your Holiday starts? Try a shot of apple cider vinegar before you eat, or rub peppermint oil behind your ears to stimulate HCL production while taking a few big breaths. Calming your body down is crucial to digesting food. You’ll notice you won’t be so groggy or grumpy after your meal.


My Tip Number 3:  Eat a high fat breakfast before your big dinner!

Don’t be afraid to have a fat-filled breakfast.

If dinner is the biggest feast of your Holiday, then plan for it! The sooner we spike our blood sugar in the morning, the more likely we won’t be able to turn off the HUNGER SWITCH. That non-stop eating/can’t get enough? It is actually because of our breakfast being a little too high in carbohydrates.

Includes some turkey sausage, goat cheese, avocado, or almond butter with your breakfast.  Are these tips helpful?  Do you want to learn more about fueling yourself for energy - weight management  - performance?  Check out the ONE/80 program I am coaching this January.   

Remember: progress not perfection. Try these tips, be gentle on yourself, and you will be crushing 2018 before you know it. 

Back in the Saddle....NEW Women's Only Class!


I am so excited to start coaching again!  I coached my last class 1 week before Lili was born in December of 2015.....after a two year break - I am excited to start a new Women's Only class at  CrossFit Central Downtown's New Location    

Our women's only classes will be Monday through Friday 9:30am - 10:15am.  I will coach Tuesday and Thursday and Megan will lead the M/W/F classes. 

Below is a great article that Megan wrote about who this program is for and why!  

Peak at my coaching bio and Join me for a trial class - I can only promise one thing - it will be FUN!    

Nov 2015 - my last few classes....

Nov 2015 - my last few classes....

Powerful. Strong. Beautiful.

by: Coach Megan Miller, Women’s Only Coach at CrossFit Central Downtown
Find the beauty in strength!

Despite the proven benefits of strength training, many women do not lift weights for the fear of developing large muscles and gaining weight. They sacrifice muscle growth for mediocre-at-best cardiovascular workouts. It’s time to reverse that mindset, to find greater strength in women.

When you focus on strength training, you get more calorie-torching bang for your buck. Working with weight keeps your body burning calories long after you stop lifting. To achieve maximal health, women need to get stronger. Get under some weights and lift!

Female Strength Benefits

If you think cardiovascular annihilation is the key to blasting belly fat, you have been led astray! Women who lift weights shed more body fat than those who don’t lift weights. It’s that simple. But why? Both will help you lose weight, but weightlifting helps people lose pure fat, while cardio queens simultaneously lose fat and muscle. Why would you ever want to burn away that strong, beautiful muscle you created?

The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns. Muscle loss via cardio may drop your scale weight, but it doesn’t improve your reflection in the mirror and it makes you more likely to replace the muscle loss with fat. However, if you weight train as you eat clean, you protect that hardened muscle and burn more fat.


CrossFit is for ALL Women

Don’t be scared off by the people who think CrossFit is only for insane people, or is too intense for the average Jane. When done correctly, CrossFit is safe, effective, and fun! Here are a few benefits why women should CrossFit:

  • Everyone Is Welcome: Can’t do a pull up, let alone a muscle up? Guess what, not many people can. We learn how to scale movements and that’s how CrossFit can turn everyone from seniors to the average Jane into competitive athletes.
  • Camaraderie: You will work out with other strong women. We push each other, and encourage each other!

At CrossFit Central, we have a CrossFit program that is for women only. We do the same workouts that the coed classes do – but the class is all women. This provides women with an environment that is welcoming and FUN. You will find yourself surrounded by other like-minded women who’ll support and encourage you as the workout gets tough. Who doesn’t love working out among other bad ass women!?

The women’s only workouts are designed to be scalable to meet your individual ability and needs, so come give this growing class a try, won’t you? After all, this is your chance to break away from the kids, have adult interaction, enjoy a healthy break with like-minded women, and forge new friendships!

Everyday I'm Guzzlin'

Six Reasons to Drink Up
How much?  Start with 1/2 your body weight in ounces

water water.jpg

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. 
Research shows that drinking a glass of water before meals curbs appetite, helping you eat less and become more satisfied.
Water speeds up metabolism. Research has shown that an increase in water consumption leads to an increase in the rate in which people burn calories as opposed to storing them as fat.
Water cleanses the body of toxins. Water improves your blood circulation flushing out toxins and impurities. It also increases water in your skin cells which helps to get rid of wrinkles and helps you look younger.
Water boosts your energy. Dehydration leads to fatigue because it impacts the flow of oxygen to the brain and causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen to all your bodily organs, making you more tired and less alert. By staying hydrated you stay energized.
Water helps build muscle tone. Water acts a lubricant around your muscle and joints which helps prevent against cramping, allowing you to work out harder and longer.
Water reduces stress. Studies have shown that dehydration leads to higher cortisol levels—the stress hormone—making it harder to deal with everyday issues. By staying hydrated you will be better equipped to deal everyday problems.

Tips & Tricks for Drinking More Water
Get a water bottle you love. Purchasing a water bottle that you enjoy drinking from makes a difference in both how likely you are to carry it and sip from it.
Add Rehydrate, Intra, or just some Lemon

Fire and Ice

One foot in front of the other and sometimes you never know where the path will lead.....triathlon junkies, CrossFit OGs, nutrition crazies, Wim Hof breathing, hot/cold showers....it all lead to us to Malibu.

Last year Jeremy and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Malibu at the XPT Experience  Four days of stand up paddle, pool workouts, performance breathing ,Fire & Ice treatments, dining with amazing people beach front - all personally hosted by  Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece

Gabby and Laird opened their home and shared their lifestyle with us.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - Jeremy and I came home inspired to continue to build a life "like that" - Nutrition - Fitness - Friend/Family and play driven - sharing a lifestyle that is "not the norm" with everyone around us!   If you know Jeremy (and me too, if I am honest), you know that we are already not the norm , "crazy", "extreme" BUT this unordinary lifestyle is all focused on longevity - healing - recovery - sustainability which is a bit of a shift.....but maybe that's because we're getting older - I mean wiser!  

Exactly 1 year later we enjoy regular session much like what we experienced with Laird and Gabby (sans multimillion dollar views and homes) here in Austin.   The sessions have been intimate hosted at Jeremy's sister and husband's home.   The impact has been incredible and this weekend we host our first Fire and Ice session at CrossFit Central Downtown.   The continuation of the story - a start of a new chapter!  

Ice is SCARY to many - so why would you consider getting into an ice bath after a nice warm sauna session?

Why Fire and Ice       or    Ice Man Documentary

Top 3 Things for IMMEDIATE Results

Triple Threat - Nutrition and Products 101

Ali Emley and recently teamed up to bring you some Nutrition and Product basics.  You'll also get powerful tips on how to successfully coach your clients to their goals!

Watch this if you are ready to hear

  • Top 3 Nutrition tips for immediate results
  • How to get results and still enjoy life - ie eating out, vacation
  • What is a protein, fat, carb
  • What to eat, when and how much made EASY
  • How to lay the nutritional foundation with products to maximize weight loss and energy

I want arms like those......

"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it"...... Ok so that lyric may date me more than I like but, It's true - I feel amazing - fit - energetic - young - alive - healthy and BONUS, people have noticed :)

While everyday isn't perfect and "fun filled" - I have found my stride as a mom, wife, coach, and athlete.....without spending all my time food prepping or in the gym!

With a 17 month and 4 1/2 year old, I realize life gets in the way and there isn't a routine or perfect day that really comes to fruition but I know that I have some tools to help anyone willing to COMMIT - be COACHABLE - stay CONSISTENT 

What do I do?  .....a little something I call the Triple Threat Lifestyle(nutrition/fitness/supplements) 

I workout 3x a week with focus and intention - anything more than that is a bonus.  I lift weights because I want to be toned (not big) - I mix it up and get outside (aka Barton Spring!!) as much as life allows.

  • I eat clean 95% of the time
  • I don't eat gluten
  • I eat very very little dairy (only if it's in a salad or sprinkled on something)
  • I do eat corn chips (hello, I live in TX)
  • I eat out about 1x a week

I don't do "cheat meals" but do "treats" every now and then (not every time they are in front of me!!)

I don't eat massive amounts of veggies (laziness mainly) but do take a green drink supplement

I use to follow strict Zone - which was awesome for me! Helped me with portion control and regulate my insulin - cut down on cravings and helped break the "binge" cycle.

I transitioned into no gluten - (almost) no dairy over the past 7 years.  I still know my Zone blocks but don't weigh and measure. Over the years, I've found that my body works best on very little carbs, moderate protein, and lots and lots of fat.

Everyone is different, the Zone helped me "play" with macronutrient combo's to determine what I need.  I typically eat 12-16 blocks of protein (7g per block), 6-10 blocks of carbs (9g per block), and 25-35 blocks of fat (1.5g per block).   If this is too much detail....don't worry the Zone can be scaled to fit what ready for.

I take supplements regularly!  We have a lot of FIT people in our community - but when I look at those who are consistent with supplements ie: fish oil, branch chain amino acids, post workout shakes - you can hands down see a difference in his/her overall "glow", athletic performance,  and body composition.  They are the difference maker.

I won't go a day without my AdvoCare Max Nutrition System (wellness packet), Spark and Catalyst because I know they fill n the gaps of things I am not getting - they are world class quality and I see results!  

My passion is to bring wellness - belief - and life improvement through nutrition and fitness to as many people as possible.

If you're ready - I know I can help you with any piece of the Triple Threat Lifestyle. 

Ask me about my next challenge (july 6th) or complimentary nutrition seminar/webinar

I look forward to hearing from you.

The Waiting Place

I am not sure why but I am fighting back tears as I think about this blog - about getting stuck in this most USELESS place.....The Waiting Place.    About 18 months ago we sold our house and moved into a rental - our goal was to be out of the rental before Lili was born......she is now 13 months old..... I realized that this house has become my Waiting Place.  

Waiting for a house to buy - or waiting for a baby to cry  

Waiting for my husband to change - or waiting to feel less strange 

Waiting for a perfect space -  or waiting for my own place

Waiting for someone else to act - or waiting to stop getting side tracked

Much like in Dr Suess's book "Oh, The Places You'll Go" I had set up camp in my Waiting Place taking no action - making no decisions - just waiting for SOMEONE else to make the change for me. - waiting for the perfect combination of "free time + belief in myself + a home of my own"

Frankly I have a hard time slowing down much less coming to a HAULT and waiting BUT that is what I found myself doing - sitting waiting for "the thing" that would change "it" all.  

Ok, so I was nursing/caring for a new born and a toddler and I give 100% respect to that effort - energy commitment - and the mind space that takes.  However, I was doing nothing - nothing- nothing that FILLED MY CUP.  

I am made to be around people.  I am called to coach - lead - teach people.  I feel more and more passionate about connecting - sharing - gathering Women!  Strong, like minded yet diverse women - women who are hungry for more, for being their best for themselves, husbands, and kids!  

I have become increasingly aware that experience - be it my own or that of the AMAZING women around me is invaluable and must be shared!  So what......

I have moved out of The Waiting Place - I realize that there is too much to gain - too much to share - too many women who are looking for community and support and HOPE and MORE! 

Last Saturday I hosted 20 women at CrossFit Central for a women's only workout and Learn and Burn!  This is just the first of many to come.  I am letting Him lead the details of how this COMMUNITY unfolds but I am excited about MOVING again!  

Join me  - us - February 4th  - 9am - Austin High Track.   Share - Join - Celebrate - Workout!  

Ladies Only Jan 21st.jpg

1st Annual The Fittest Games.....2008

Fittest Games 2008 - 1st Annual 


2008 Fittest Games Participants and Judges

I was recently sent a link to the 1st Annual Fittest Games and after some laughing and a little trip down memory lane - I started thinking about each year and how the event has TRANSFORMED over the past 10 years!  (This year the event will host over 700 athletes - 200 judges and volunteers and we anticipate 3,000 spectators. Oh and a $40k purse) Yes the event has changed ....not to mention how the transformation of the athlete pool - my body - athletic ability - and the sport itself!
Beware - this was before Lulu, Nano/Oly Shoes, "Sports Bra" only rule!
So this is where "it" all began.....the TFG event and JT and me :)



The 2008 Fittest Games was a 3 part series.   3 weekends - one in Houston and 2 in Austin/Buda - 1 WOD each weekend (wow, how things have changed #lightload).  There was a winner for each WOD and an overall winner.  The overall winner got an expense paid trip to the 2008 CrossFit Games in Cali!! In a many ways it was a pre-cursor to today's open/regionals in TX.

The first event was in Austin at CrossFit Central's original box - approx 400 sq feet!

WOD 1:   Running Cindy - 5 pull ups - 10 push ups - 15 weighted squats - run 400m

I had barely had kipping pull ups and was jacked to do sets of  5 unbroken and well my push up was less than par (picture proves it)  I won this WOD and committed to doing the "rest of the Fittest Games" series :)   

More WOD 1 pics

wod 1 FG 2008.jpg

WOD 2:  CrossFit Total in Houston with Coach Rippetoe.  I remember sitting with Jeremy asking him how much I should try on each lift - Of course, even then his belief in my ability was greater than it sometimes "should" be  - His belief gave me the confidence needed to act like I knew what I was doing - even though I'd NEVER "maxed out" on ANYTHING - he also convinced me to try a 200lb back squat (which I failed all 3 times).  

My totals that day:  Back Squat 190lbs (currently 285lbs) - Shoulder Press 82lbs (currently 120lbs) - Deadlift 225lbs (currently 355lbs).

I didn't win this one - Grace from Atomic near Houston took the medal!

Note to self:  Nice shorts! Great form and perfect shoes for heavy days.  Who is that girl?!....Funny - this is what see in my head sometimes.....and what prompted this "Unrecognizable" post in 2011 Open


More WOD 2 pics

WOD 3:  Medball sit ups - Swings - Hill Run. 

I can't remember numbers - I just know it was a long metcon out in the country near Buda. CrossFit Central partnered with Dynamax to host this event and the winner got a medball of choice!!

More WOD 3 pics

Here I am with a very pregnant Carey, Jeremy, the trophy aka Medball, and my a TICKET my first CrossFit Games!!! 


Looking thru these pics - some things change and some things stay the same!  The clothes, sport, and my athletic ability have changed big time - BUT the group, community, and passion that Jeremy and crew put into this event were the same in 2008 as they are today.  

P.S. clicking thru the photo links is worth your time - you'll see some funny stuff - some familiar faces - a very pregnant Carey - and a lot of history


Operation Comeback - Take 2.....Coming back after Baby!


Congratulations, on your new baby and your incredibly healthy and FIT pregnancy!  You did it!  You ate well - slept as much as possible - took your vitamins - and worked out!  For 9 months you stayed patient, gave yourself grace, took it easy.

Now it's GO time.

GO back in the gym

GO get your body back

GO lose the fat and add the muscles

GO running

GO do all the things you love and make you feel great.....


What? .... no one told you about the postpartum stage?

That this stage is actually harder (at least it is for me) than the pregnancy? 

Me neither, Mama!  I was not prepared for my 4th trimester body after Jacob, my first born.   Even after Lilian my second, the knowledge and experience hasn't eased the mental and physical challenge of the "comeback".

The truth is no matter if you were a CrossFit Games Athlete or  Recreational CrossFitter, if your "Fran" time was 3:10 or 10:03, if you had abs poking through a week after your baby or never ever dreamed of a six-pack....No matter what your before baby body, skill or fitness level was - the struggle is the same! 

Knowing Is NOT Half The Battle

After Jacob was born 3 years ago,  I came back to the gym and expected to bounce right back.  I mean, my kangaroo pouch will disappear in a couple months, right?  I worked out during my pregnancy, so I am sure that by the time my baby is 4 months old, my lifts, gymnastics, and lungs will be right back to Games status.  My attitude was, "I am ready Let's Go!"

But first let's rest and recovery from UMMMMM - giving birth to a human being!  The first few weeks of downtime were great and then I started to get the itch - I wanted to go WORKOUT - I can finally push hard without being any concern to the baby - I wanted the endorphins!  When Lili arrived, I expected this process and actually did enjoy the rest and recovery more but the itch still came on quickly.

Let's just skip the weeks where there is only a newborn "schedule" - no one can really help because your baby just wants YOU - and just doing laundry or cooking dinner seems like a huge on taking.....let's fast forward to when I did have some time committed to working out and some of the fog has lifted! 

This time around I entered the gym prepared to be content with less intense, slower workouts.  I knew that some things would seem "almost the same" and others would seem "totally foreign".  I also knew that I would look like I just had a baby for a longer period of time than I wished.  But knowing these things didn't make it easier. 

There's No Crying In Crossfit

After Lili, I signed up to participate in the Open.  It was about 3 weeks after I was cleared for "all exercise" and my plan was to work strength and rebuilding 2-3 days and have use the Open workout as my 1 GO workout each week.  I work well with plans - I had a plan - I had a goal and a group of people to help me enjoy the journey.  I planned to do the workouts each week with the competitor group.  I hired a sitter and committed to being at all the team workouts to help me feel like "me" again.  Well the "me" that showed up, was the "just had a baby" me and not the "going to Regionals in 2 weeks" me and that proved more disheartening and difficult than motivating.  Even with my plan and my community of support, I often left the gym in tears.  Not because I wasn't happy with my performance that day but;

  • Because I was full of crazy hormones. 
  • Because I had to turn the switch from sensitive nursing mom to competitive attack athlete. 
  • Because I have high expectations and lack patience. 
  • Because I don't want to comeback too quickly and get hurt OR too slowly and be "fat" forever.
  • Because on some level questioned if I even cared about being in shape anymore - now I have other things to do  
  • Because I didn't feel like "me" even though I was doing what I thought made me (yep, identity crisis).
  • Because I was jealous of seeing other people be fit, kill it, PR.

**Disclaimer:  Remember these are crazy post partum thoughts - I realize somewhat ridiculous! 

In a place that I usually feel my best, I felt like a fish out of water, like a baby giraffe barely able to walk.  This happened after Jacob too - I knew it's a temporary season but WOW the excuses, doubt, difficulty, and yes, guilt were all there again. 

For me, fitness is a GET to not a HAVE to!  It is my social outlet, my sanity, my therapy, my connection with my husband, my FUN.  I love a progress - I love seeing what I am capable of - I love competition- and now I love sharing fitness with my kids and being fit and healthy so I can be active and around as long as possible!

The journey IS the reward but the journey often feels straight uphill those first few months after having a baby.

What's It To Ya?!

For all of you going through, having gone through, or about to go through a postpartum comeback, take solace in knowing the struggle is real - but so is the reward!  Here are some things I hope will help you along the way:

Great Expectations:  Setting realistic expectations is a major key to feeling the success of your fitness comeback.  Know how often you will be able to work out - Know what your immediate goal is i.e.: just sweat vs. work skills.  Re-evaluate and adjust your expectations often during this time!

Overnight Success:  You've probably heard about the "overnight" music sensation - who really put in 10 years of behind the scenes work before they made it big?!  Fitness and weightloss, especially after a baby is very much the same.  Results come in waves.   Put in the work, even if it's little bits, even if you don't "see" the progress - Wait for it - I guarantee you will wake up one morning stronger and leaner "overnight".  Stay the course and ride the wave!

Enjoy the Process:  Remember why you want to work out in the first place.  Fall in love with fitness again.  Take time to do what you love - I love to swim and run outdoors, I had to forgo some CrossFit goals to just do what I love and keep my progress going!  Do it with (and for) your kids.  Celebrate - Celebrate - Celebrate!  Celebrate that you squeezed in a workout at all!  Celebrate that you can do 10 pushups now instead of 2!  Celebrate the small stuff along the road to your destination. 

Some women make the process look and seem easy, don't be fooled.  Here is some advice from a few of the Fit Mom's I looked to for inspiration during my Comeback. 


Lindsey Smith:  5x CrossFit Games Athlete and mother of two.

One of the most liberating things I experienced post pregnancy and as I transitioned from games athlete to post pregnancy "fit mom" was the reminder that I can truly get a great workout in a 20-40 minute window per day. When I was first exposed to CrossFit that was very attractive to me, but over the years I got lost in longer and longer training sessions. Quite frankly my schedule no longer allows for that, but I have been amazed at how my body has responded to CrossFit in its simplest form. Even with my limited training schedule, I have been amazed at how my performance continues to improve and some days I even surprise myself by surpassing a benchmark of my highly competitive days. More so than chasing fitness markers I have learned to just enjoy working out again. I do not super impose pressure on myself and some days I just tackle whatever feels right, some times with intensity and some times without. With that mentality, I've found that training has become the most rejuvenating experience of my day.

Heather Keenan Bergeron:  5x CrossFit Games Athlete and mother of four.

1. Since it took you about 9 months to grow your baby, give yourself about 9 months to get back to where you left off.  You may not need that long, but that's when you should start feeling like "the party's over".

2. It's hard getting back, harder than I thought it would be.  But, whenever I started feeling sorry for myself, I just thought back to when I was pregnant and wished I could train hard again.  Then, it was more "I GET to push hard now" instead of "WHY is this so hard now?"

3. Finally, when you're at a loss, remember how one of best things you can teach your children is the importance of hard work and dedication.

Sage (Bergener) Mertz:  2x CrossFit Games Athlete .and mother of 1 and due with #2 this summer

In the weeks leading up to our due date, it's normal to have everything all planned out as to how we're going to get our bangin mom-bods back in prime condition.

We've worked out consistently our whole pregnancy, so the 4-6 week post partum, "time off" period shouldn't do us much harm, right?!

That is.. until we put our uncalloused, probably poop-covered hands back on a barbell and s&*t hits the fan...literally... the barbell feels so heavy, you might actually s*&t yourself.

All I can say is: BE EASY ON YOURSELF. Your journey is just that... YOUR journey. The quickest way to failure is to compare your progress with the progress of someone else.

Take the time to build up your base by focusing on flawless mechanics and perfectly controlled movement. That way your body can slowly get stronger without getting damaged in the process.

Take the time (in your semi comatose state) to rediscover your love for fitness and appreciate the way that it can help heal us emotionally (especially in our EXTREMELY fragile, post partum emotionally unstable state).

And last, take the time to understand and respect just how drastically your life has changed! Balancing all of life's demands with a newborn in tow is not an easy task. Sometimes, our fitness has to be placed on the back-burner. AND THAT'S OK!!

Each day is a new day to practice what we want our "new fitness life" to look like. Whether that includes doing Murph or Fran or Frurph everyday, or simply just going for a 3 minute walk with your baby is completely up to you and what you feel YOU, and you alone, can handle each day.

Carey Kepler:  5x CrossFit Games Athlete .and mother of 2

Be patient. Everyday is an effort to become the new you. You have never recovered from having a child or a second child - this is a first. It's the journey not the destination. - not saying you won't love the end result but you know it is the daily efforts, the roses and thorns along the way that make it awesome at the end!



How sturdy is your foundation ?

Think of your health and wellness as a 4 legged stool.

If any of the legs are missing or even different lengths then the stool looses stability...and ultimately falls.

Is your current program complete?

Join me for a challenge that will improve all 4 legs of your health/wellness stool!

1. Physical Activity

You will receive 3 at home workouts to be done each week.

These require minimal time and equipment and can be scaled for all fitness levels

2. Supplements

We will create a 4 week "reboot" bundle that fits your goals.

These supplements will fill in the gaps of your "swiss cheese" diet, help you sleep or recover better, build muscle, and/or increase energy based on your needs.

3. Nutrition & Hydration

You will receive a basic nutrition guideline and set personal nutrition goals for the next 4 weeks.

I will also hold you accountable via a weekly food log. Your hydration goal is to consume 1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day.

4. Sleep/Recovery

You will note the hours you sleep each night with a goal of 6-8 hour each day

I also recommend that you take 1 day OFF between each workout to allow your body to recover properly from exercise.



Yep,it's fun posting "cute" postpartum pics BUT does anyone really need another illusion that you pop out a kid and BAM look like Gabby Reece  - Cindy Crawford (or, even your pre-baby self)?!? 
I could hide behind retakes, good angles, and throwback photos but I'd rather K.I.R.

Here are some truths! 
During pregnancy: 
I stayed ‪#‎pregofit‬ 
I ate well & didn't "eat for two" etc
I took vitamins & supplements
 I was not perfect

I do workouts MY body is ready for
I eat well - take vitamins & supplements
I make health and fitness a priority but know life happens and some days it's not in the cards
 I am not perfect

✅ Cute pics are all about the angle
✅ I have 10-12 lbs to lose
✅ I have new mom BaBaBaBeauty ‪#‎boobs‬ ‪#‎belly‬ ‪#‎butt‬ ‪#‎BOOM‬
 I am not perfect

Yes, my goal is to coach, motivate and inspire! These pics of me are not the woman I see in my head - they show the now - the starting point. Everything is a process - I choose my attitude, actions and outlook.

Does your mental picture of you match the physical ? If not, are you ready to make a change?