Meet the Bulimic, Self-doubting girl, Turned Mentor, Nutrition/Fitness Coach, CrossFit Games Athlete, and Mother!

Lisa Bender Thiel has transformed from a self-doubting girl plagued  for years by eating disorders into a leader in the health and wellness community, a competitive athlete, and personal mentor to many. 

Lisa has helped hundreds of people with her experience and training in health, fitness, and wellness.  Her passion is helping people do, achieve, and grow in ways they never thought possible.  

A devoted wife and loving mother of 2, Lisa leads and coaches with a passionate desire to see her clients transformed in their health and fitness as well as family and professional lives. Her tools are Lifestyle tools that can be adopted and adapted for any stage of life.  Her goal is to help them find their "yes, I can" attitude resulting in success in the area most desired!

Lisa's mission is to share stories and solutions that will help you learn to write the next chapter of your own story!